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Kaitlyn Alfaro Fine Art

Sunrise in Jacumba

Sunrise in Jacumba

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All Canvas, Framed and Brushed Metal Prints come with mounting hardware.

I am so incredibly grateful to have spent some time in Jacumba this year. There is something so magical and special about the desert🏜️, mixed with great music, and high vibing people 🤎 I experienced some extremely magical moments, sunsets, and sunrises here.

Jacumba Valley is the land of the Kumeyaay people. The name "Jacumba" is believed to derive from the Kumeyaay term for "magic springs," as the region is home to natural mineral hot springs. This mountain is called “Temple Peak”.

I noticed a beautiful hawk flying overhead that felt like my spirit animal, or at least the spirit guardian of this land.
The hawk represents clarity, intuition, protection, independence, trust, vision, strength, and wisdom. It’s a reminder to take your time and to follow your dreams. It’s about knowing we are divinely protected. It’s a message revealing that we should trust our inner intuition, to focus on our dreams, and what serves our highest self.
Grateful for
@thecolonysd @stay.nomadic @karnivalofthearts @theafternoonumbrellafriends for making this experience possible for myself and others to enjoy the magic of Jacumba ❤️

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